Olympic 10k Final 2012: Rupp Gets Silver!

Not since the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 has an American (Billy Mills) gotten a medal in the 10k (6.2 miles) but today Galen Rupp took 2nd to his training partner Mo Farah of Britain. It was a fast race over 25 laps in 27:30.4 to 27:30.9 for Rupp's silver. That's 4:25.5 per mile. If you want to see what that feels like do 1-lap on a standard outdoor track in 67 seconds and you're still slower. Who cares...Silver medal! The famed Alberto Salazar coaches both Rupp and Farah! The following video is awful but its all we have right now and shows the last few laps. Watch the kid in the red USA jersey. See FLO Track for more on the 10k final.

Tomorrow we'll post some some photos of Mary's 5k race tonight and our Columbus trip.