Vacation Great Wolf

Our 700 hundredth blog post gets a kickoff at the Great Wolf Lodge where we consorted with wolves and ate like animals. Above is Jack's new girlfriend, Violet. Seriously, he would not leave her side! As you can see below, the boys contracted lychanthropy.
The Starks would be proud of our wild little wolf cubs. They're having a blast.
Below: The rides at the water park were Jack's favorite part. House Tully would also be proud of our daredevil fish.
We spent a couple hours getting water logged.
His bravery truly astonished us. He attacked the biggest 4-story slide over and over. It was both thrilling for us to see and simultaneously scary.
Below: Stud by the pool. Luke the landlubber preferred to stay dry. He wanted to be held all the time so this picture represented progress. He would waddle toward Fort Mackenzie but ran back screeching every time the enormous water bucket would flood the floor.
Below: Perfunctory photo of a baby in goggles.
Luke did think it was great fun to throw his pajamas in the toilet. More later...