Vacation Cedar Point

Day 2 of vacation took place (mostly) at Cedar Point. The highlight was Dinosaurs Alive, seen in these photos. It was not exactly as we expected but Jack got a kick out of it.
Above: The Mamenchisaurus was a little taller than Jack but he's catching up quick! Below: Jack and Mom took a ride on one of the Jr. Gemini...twice!
Below: Then Jack drove the Antique Cars with the old geezer.
Below: The Frog Hopper surprised our poor little adventurer. Jack had mastered massive water slides, roller coasters, and a breakfast that could choke a Mamenchisaurus. But the vertical hopper was not his ride of choice.
Below: Luke enjoyed himself and made a new friend, too. He was a gem considering what we put him through: a loooong day in the stroller.
We'll add a couple more photos soon.