Lost Shots: May, 2012

We've been so busy this past month that I have overlooked a lot of photos. Here are just a few. Above: It's not defenestration, noooo... Below: An early birthday gift for preschool bike day.
Below: Jack made this apron for Mother's Tea at preschool. They sang songs, made them gifts, but did they really drink tea? Jack finished is last day of preschool last Friday.
Below: Luke gets around!
Below: Columbus Grandma made Jack a beach on the deck!
Below: Little gamer. And no, he does not really play console/computer games.
Below: ...but Jack does! Little gamers; Luke looks with admiration to anything his big brother does. And yes, "The Great Gate" has returned. Maybe we can save this TV.
Below: Three shots of Jack and Mom headed to Mother's Tea!