Christina Gets Married, We Get Out!

Mary and I were went to a wedding in Columbus while the kids stayed with their grandparents. We felt human again; out on the town without a diaper or sippy cup in sight! They had a photo booth which made doubles for the bride and groom's scrapbook and one for each guest.
Below: We want to thank Christina and Scott for getting married so we could have a night out! They're a fantastic couple!
Below: Mary and Mary Anne (proud mother of the bride) met at the beginning of the Toledo marathon years ago, finished together, and have been fast friends ever since.
Below: Happy parents of an amazing family cut some rug to celebrate.
Below: Back at the grandparents it was the cage for the kids. As bad as it looks they loved the enclosure more than dancing monkeys.
Below: Out on parole Jack bluffed his way to Uno victory over grandma.