Birthday Party at Chucky E. Cheese

Chuck Me Please into that category of fully Americanized parents who have paid homage to the mouse - Chuck E. Cheese. Jack's 5th birthday party was a ADHD inducing, icing covered entertainment event at its sticky best.
The kids were frantic with excitement. There were inflatable crowns, edible pizza, and enough tokens to satisfy Gordon Gekko.
The Chuck E. Cheese cover songs by the animatronic band (below in background) were special. My favorite Cheesified classic was "Everyone Wants to Rule the World" originally by Tears for Fears. If you need to see and hear it - and you do - Go here!
The Ticket Blaster was a hoot! Jack walked away with thousands of Chucky Bucks and got a few fun toys. Try the Ticket Blaster yourself.
Jack held onto those tickets like ...this guy; flawless victory!
It was all horrible.
The hardest part was getting them to leave.