New York Christmas - Part 1

We had a wonderful time in New York. Like the hobbit (or Bavarian) "Second Breakfast" you could call it a "Second Christmas." But it was just as tasty as the first. Above: Mary with the boys. Below: Jack delivering a gift. He takes his responsibilities seriously.
Below: Grandma and Grandaddy playing hot potato with Luke. Now cut that out!
Below: Waking up but unwilling to get out of bed.

Below: Jack takes a look at a bright morning.

Below: Does New York water clean better than Ohio water? Ask Luke.
: Hanging out with cousin Angela, Grandma, and Grandaddy.
: A surprise visit with Doug, an old childhood friend. We had not seen one another since 1988 but were best friends from stroller to middle school stockade. We had a wonderful 5-hour coffee to share stories and catch up.
: Back in the 70s we did everything together. From right to left: Sue (my sister), Doug, and me. In this photo we were running away from home again. The insert is Doug (background) and I playing around on vacation. Doug was the MacGyver of the neighborhood and build the car with a garlic press, rubber bands, and q-tips.
: Another shot of the gang from those idyllic days. Doug is all the way to the left and I am 3rd human from the right. Lady is was Doug's dog and a great companion for adventures in the woods and dirt pits.
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: Silly String fight with Aunt Sue, Nanna and Grandpa, and more.