Columbus Visit: Gobble, Meow, and Wow!

Above: Jack and Luke got to visit his Columbus grandparents (and Great Grandmother) while Dad was at a meeting. Below: What is there to say besides, "Fat Turkey!"
Below: The boys also got to carve some Jack-O-Lanterns. Did they do that with lasers? Knowing Jack he used laser cats (link 2, 3,'s endless. I dare you to do a search).

Below: ...Speaking of laser cats. We also got to visit Aunt Janice. She was the kind soul who introduced us to Lamby. Now its Macy, the ever-purring cat that vibrates and scares the you-know-what out of FattyLumpkin. Notice the comfortable table cloth Macy is sleeping on. It was a surprise gift from NY Grandma. Very festive!