Grandpa & Nanna Visit from NY

This week we had a very nice visit from Grandpa and Nanna from New York. They brought gifts (below) that Jack and Luke enjoyed. Notice that most of Jack's gifts make a lot of noise!
Below: A recent lightning storm brought down a tree out back. Grandpa started slicing and dicing until Jack decided to show him how it's done. "Put some muscle into it, Grandpa!"
Below: Working hard or hardly working?
Below: Aurgh, Jack looks so grown up here. Excuse me while I sob into my sleeve.
Below: Gratuitous baby photo. Luke is smiling more all the time...but he's still a fuss-budget. 
Other Stuff: We lost power for almost 12 hours last night. The four of us camped out on the living room floor with no phone, lights, or interweb...and we survived!