Luke At Home

Above: Jack and Grandma welcomed little Luke home. The sign says, "Welcome Home Mommy & Luke." Below: The excitement fades? Jack has been very good with his little brother. We have a video of us walking from the car (thrilling footage!) and may post that later.
Below: "Hmmmm..." A shot of Luke before leaving the hospital.
Below: Once home, we all took turns napping with Luke.
Below: Today it was Jack's turn to bring snakes to preschool. Grandma and Jack made Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!
Below: And of course once the yummies are made, someone has to lick the batter. Thank you to everyone who sent flowers. Just now FattyLumpkin got to one of them but the house smells wonderful!
I should not have been so arrogant in a recent post when I said, "Bring on the sleepless nights!" Last night we were up from 2am - 6am and did not get much sleep on either side of that. Apparently Luke is nocturnal. He's actually generally quiet (I'll regret saying that) and a good sleeper (and that). We hope last night was just the transitional event.Our experience was nothing like this, but it made me laugh.