Introducing Luke

Welcome to Earth Luke William. Today at 8:42am our son was born at 8.04 pounds and 21 inches. He's healthy and a little noise box. Below: His mother today (right) before 6:00am and four years ago (left) at about the same time of day. The boy's birthdays are just 5 days apart!
Below: The moment of birth.
Below: He cleans up pretty well!
Luke chattered away but when I talked to him he got quiet and tried to look at me.
Below: With Mom again. Just moments after being reunited Luke was breastfeeding and the two immediately formed an indelible bond.
Jack and I are headed back to the hospital after lunch. I'll post a picture of the new brothers tonight. And no, we did NOT name our son after Luke Skywalker, but I can't help think of this commercial. I guess the blog title needs to change now :)