Miracle Cure: Kill the Cough with Vicks

Introduction: With Vicks VapoRub we have repressed a cough with a 100% success rate on approximately 8 trials. Each treatment squelches the cough for a 4-5 hours period. This is important to get him (and us!) to sleep at night but often requires a second application early in the morning. Instructions: 1) Liberally apply the Vicks VapoRub to both feet. 2) After doing so place socks on both feet. It takes approximately 10 minutes for the cough to subside. Disclaimer: This is not a scientific study; n=1 has no statistical power and no control group was employed. It may not work for you. Do not inhale the product. Results are completely unpredictable if you have hooves.
Yes, this sounds like a commercial but it's too good not to share. Try it!