Astronaut Zombies?

The ghosts and ghouls were out in force. So were the astronauts! Jack donned his Halloween duds many times this week: preschool, trunk or treat, and Halloween night. Below: "I don't know about this..."
Below: "Nice horns, Hiccup," thinks Jack. Hiccup is a character from How to Train Your Dragon.
Below: Standing still did not last long. The two sprinted down the street. After this shot, so did I! We ended up pulling them in the wagon the last half mile. Every hear of pacing yourself?
Below: Astronaut at preschool. Eat your heart out all you Ohio astronauts: John Glenn and Neil Armstrong! If birth in Ohio is a prerequisite for space travel, Jack is off to a good start.
Below: The ever rare zombie astronaut! Jack loves to do this with his fingers, squint his eyes, and say, "Look, there's something wrong with my body!"