Weekend Shots

Above: It was a very busy weekend: eating, running, playing, and of course a dinosaur meeting conducted by Lamby. Thankfully, the pugnacious Pachycephalasaurus problem was resolved.
Above & Below: The chairs in the kitchen kept moving into a straight line across the center of the room. After the 3rd episode in a row a plausible theory was developed - classic poltergeist chair stacking. A Pachycephalasaurus poltergeist? Nope, it was just Jack.
Below: Lounging in a custom built fort.
Below: Unfortunately Grandpa and Nanna never made it this week. The "Bark Mobile" broke down in the back waters of PA. They were stranded overnight with no food, except for the dogs, they had food. The upside is that Jack had a LOT more to eat this weekend. Can you say tiramisu? He can! ...We hope to reschedule the visit soon. And make more tiramisu!