Vermont Vacation - Part 1

There may not be much Vermont in these photos but that is because we stopped half way to stay with old friends. Above: A shell game of sorts. Jack never missed a guess! Below: A nice walk down the canal after ice cream.
These ducks looked well fed but we provided some bread anyway.
Who can resist a balloon?
Below: More inciting than ducks or balloons was the musician. Initially Jack put his dollar into the garbage can. So ecologically responsible! He finally hit the mark and proceeded to dance. We have NO idea where he learned the break dancing moves!
Below: Why walk when Mom will piggy back you!?
Below: Some early morning piano was the way to start the day.
Such a perfect family. Thank you for a wonderful visit!
And finally in Vermont we did what all good geeks do...broke out the computers. Who needs nature!
Actual Vermont photos coming in Part 2.