An Old Friend: Rest in Peace

Today's photos are of Bryan Place who passed away this week, apparently from a broken aorta. Bryan is an old friend that I ran track with at UConn. He was a talented athlete, a great guy, and a father of four. Above: During my last year in CT I rented a house where the guys hung out a lot. We were young, confident, and prone to flexing. Below: Sitting on the back porch after a workout. Ties were optional. Below: The bad news actually came by way of Sweden. Christer (right) sent me this photo from about 1991. Christer, otherwise known as "The Swede" was one of the core guys in our distance running adventures and was very close to Bryan. It is always hard to imagine this type of loss when you think about how invulnerable we all felt. Bryan and his family will be in our thoughts.