Christmas 2009-Part III: WalkWay Over the Hudson

On our Christmas visit to New York we were granted a guided tour of the world's longest (and highest) walkway of its kind - IN THE WORLD. An official bridge ambassador gave us an escort. Stop by the bridge's official web site.
Below: Jack started out in the wagon but that did not last. The bridge is 1.25 miles long and he must have run nearly 2-miles of it, since we went across and back again, greeting people all the way. He's waiting for his official bridge ambassador badge in the mail!
Below: This bridge never looked so good! Mother and son. Below: Running with Grandma. I think both of them got a good workout. Can you say ice pack?
Make sure you view this wonderful video that Grand Daddy John put together. Follow that link to youtube if you want to see Jack running and an honest to God red blooded bridge ambassador. And thank you to Bill for these photos!