In Memory of Jack R. Thornborough

We lost a dear family friend on March 19, 2009 when Jack Thornborough passed away in his sleep. I personally admired Jack and feel honored to call him a friend. Please take a few minutes to read a wonderful biography written about Jack for his farewell gathering in Grandville Ohio last weekend. Even if you did not know him, it is worth reading this inspiring biography by his friend Dennis Cauchon. You can download the word file here. In the photos above Jack Thornborough is on the left. My father is on the right. These photos are taken at our home over a year ago. Whenever “Big Jack” saw our son (known as “Little Jack” when in proximity to our late friend) he would greet him with a gleeful “Hey Jackson!” Little Jack always beamed when Big Jack entered the room.There are a couple more photos of Jack T. on previous blog posts (link 2). "Big Jack" will be deeply missed.