They Call Me 111

On Saturday I got all excited to ride a solo century. Group rides that would make this easier have all been cancelled for now. The entire ride was over 111 miles with nearly 4,800 feet of climbing. It was a glorious day!
Looking haggard as the temperature went up and I was painfully overdressed in a hot pink insulated jersey. Hey, the first hour it felt great! I had to stop at the house to change and, of course, eat and drink.
One of my favorite climbs that sports a 20% incline at one point, was under construction. I really need to pay attention to ROAD CLOSED signs. At one point the mud was too deep for my skinny road tires so I had to walk for 100m. Then I had to dig the mud out of my cleats to clip in. Huff.
The ride felt great. I hammered at nearly 20mph the entire way and had something left in the tank. But I'm still paying for it a little 3 days later.