Visiting My Parents in NY

I recently visited Dad in NY and helped transition him back into the house after some medical issues. It was good to see him stronger and ready for action.
One night I cooked dinner. It was decided that I make all the beige foods Dad likes. Now that's health food! We worked on Dad's tablet, talked about old times, and practiced the routine with his walkers.
I was able to get out for a ride on two of those days: 30 and 36 miles respectively. The goal was not mileage but to get my Nied Dr KOM back. And I did! That's what that little crown means. Last year when I set the record two youngsters came out and beat it within days. I'm waiting and expecting them to retake it before winter sets in.
The next day I got a couple 2nd and 3rd top times on local segments. Was exhausted so I'm happy with the efforts. My legs were burned the whole time. Below: Of course I took a photo (albeit, a bad one) in front of the childhood home.
I wish I had taken more photos of Dad and Karen but when at the house we were always busy. Only thought to do it on the bike.
I worked at this farm on Mountain Road ... for 2 days days. I didn't last long. But what a beautiful area. It was an idyllic childhood.
Below: Baird Park locker room. Yep, I took a photo of the old locker room at the pool which has since been buried. I didn't much like swim lessons back then but enjoyed the water I got for the ride!
Stopped by Arlington High School to look around. Its even bigger than it used to be!
Time marches on.
Until next time!