Jack's First Cross Country Race

The school team ran a Bill Heideman preseason cross country series and Jack was super excited to participate in these optional meets. The above photo is actually near the finish. Below: Family shot before the race.
It was a hot evening but on a beautiful course. I have to mention that Jack is way under trained for this but the idea was to expose him to the flavor of XC.
A couple shots of the support team as Jack warmed up.
Luke takes hydration seriously.
He drank ALL the water.
Drinking in the beauty of cross country is a special experience. The venue is always a rolling diorama of nature. A play of nature that you move through under your own volition and will. The below image may not appear special to you (maybe it does), but its one of a thousand I remember well. As you warm up on the course and overlook the start both anxiety and excitement well-up about pushing yourself through the course the best you can.
The start of the race was downhill; always a tricky feature on a course. If you can find Jack in that group you could find Waldo anywhere.
Into the breach!
Mid-race: Jack runs down a hill to us.
Luke joins in for a moment.
Past the halfway point and into an uphill section.
Luke was not happy that he had declined the 400m or 1-mile race. Fast forward to the next week, he gets his chance! He ran a lot, cutting across the course to cheer on his brother.
You can see Jack finishing below.
He was so tired but encouraged. He could not stop talking bout the race.
They both slept well that night!