Braces for Jack

Jack needs braces and the process has already started. Before school this fall he will have a full set.

Mary and Luke listen as Dr. Belli explains the procedure and results. Look how intense. How beautiful their faces are! Luckily, these are the faces I get to see every day.
Below, Dr. Belli examines Jack's mouth. Steve actually lives in our neighborhood and is a fellow cyclist. Yesterday, we did a century event in Akron but I'll save that for another post.
Every 6-weeks the braces are checked and Jack can change the color! Here, he holds up the color pallet. He's excited for the holidays. On my wish list would be LED braces.
Below, Jack looks at the spacers.
Luke gets in on the action.
Oh boy.
In the waiting area is a display that asked you to rethink your drink due to high sugar levels. The boys don't drink any of that garbage and guess what . . . they don't miss it.
The funny part is that on the other side of that same room is the ice cream bin. After the appointment, the boys get to pick ice cream from the freezer. Do I need to point out the obvious? 
Afterwords, haircuts for the boys!
Before Shot: Jack.
Before Shot: Luke. Do those heads need to be shaved?
After Shot: Luke (I forgot to get Jack). Personally, Luke looks worse. Poor kid. I like their hair long and messy.
To end the day out we ate at Panera.
It was a good day. Soon, Jack will have glorious teeth like his mother.