4th of July 2019

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.
We started with a day at the Cleveland Zoo. We're only 45 minutes away and have never been there.
There were alligators....
and wild tractors.
Mary took a ride on a giant frog.
The elephants were amazing. It was nearly impossible to keep Mary off of them.
Jack ties his shoe. Exciting, I know.
The boys covered a lot of ground and viewed a lot of cool stuff.
The entrance to the rain forest.
They're viewing cute little rodents but I wanted to include my cute little rodents more than the furry ones.
Then there was this guy. Watch to the end, you won't be disappointed.

Jack was our navigator. He might have enjoyed the map more than anything else.
There was a lot to do and we did a lot of it.
 The rain forest was a ton of fun. Below, Jack descends into its depths.
Gesundheit, Luke!
There were some strange animals at the zoo...

Such a funny boy.

One day I will finally sign him up for acting classes.
Then off to the hotel! Here is a view from the pool.
They went to the pool both days.
The goal was to lounge around and wait for the fireworks.
They're good at that. It was a long day so some R&R was in order.
And room service, of course! The boys loved it.
Some fun shots of Luke.
 When the camera comes out he either runs away or hams it up.
Ah, my leg!
Jack rolls around with style.
One of my favorite shots. This is just before Luke attacks.
Wrestling is one of their favorite things to do.
But Jack can defend himself.
Want to see a video of it? Here you go!

Want some more?

The fireworks started at 10:00pm. This was our view.
It never looks as good in the photo but you get the idea.
We could actually see 3 different sets of firework displays across the city at the same time.
The next morning (after MORE room service) we went to the West Side Market.
Yuck or yum?