Father's Day 2019

Below is a "nicer" shot.
We ate out at the Macaroni Grill after a trip to Barns & Noble. At the restaurant they allow you to draw on the tables . . . I hope.
Of course we got into a conversation about Rigby from the Regular Show. That resulted in drawing Rigby (above) and his big brother (below). Guess which one Luke drew and which one his father penned?
The boys spent the gift certificates that Nanna and Grandpa in NY gave them. Below: Mom thought it was great fun when she discovered the Mama's Boy book.
The human scale! Luke weights the bags.
Jack bought an art book for the Diablo game.
Luke got a magnetic cube.
I liked the above photo better but he wanted me to post the one below.
The boys and I played some Minecraft together in the morning. We started a relm so can easily play in a persistent world whenever we like. Mary has photos of the boys and I on her phone; I'll see if I can get them.