Lost Shots

On looking at old photos I noticed so many I overlooked for blog posts. These are some of them. Above: My cycling shoes smell good to someone! Below: There is something at the door!
Playing around while at lunch.
Jack makes his own . . . latex Infinity Gauntlet
And tries the snap. Thankfully, it did not work.
The girls are bird watching.
Mom and Luke doing some yard work.
Catness gets all the attention she needs.
The boys at the computers. Here, Jack is doing a competitive school quiz with randomly generated teams of classmates.
Luke helping with the lawn. But no, he does not drive it.
But when I drive it, the tractor gets stuck. I could not push it back up the hill on my own. When everyone got home at the end of the day it became a (successful) family rescue mission.
Luke relaxes in front of the fire.
He knows how to get cozy.