Easter Chocolate Fest 2019

Yesterday the neighborhood Easter egg hunt was another fun dash to diabetes. Nope, nothing overly competitive about this. That's Luke, first off the starting line. Go Luke, go!
Jack is now too old so he sat out this year. He's also not feeling well so it was best to stay home. Below, Luke is third from the left.
Below, the spoils and a proud boy.
This morning they boys found yet more chocolate in baskets. One was in the dryer and the other in the shower. No time to get photos of the action as Luke sprinted around the house and snatched them up before you could say "Egg."
Jack is showing a garden in a can. Ah, not all chocolate. Poor Jack, you can tell he feels horrible.
 And a deceptive carrot. It's not the vegetable kind of carrot.
Happy Easter!
Headed upstairs for a big lunch!