Happy Birthday, Mary

We celebrated Mary's birthday with a great meal, gifts, and a lot of our favorite thing . . . family time. I dislike photos of food but Mary was so pleased with her dish I included a shot of it. 
The day before the boys and I baked Mom a cake.
Luke is a wonderful food tester.
Here is the finished product. It actually tasted okay!
One of the gifts was a weighted blanket. Go figure! Apparently it relaxes people and its good for calming deranged Orangutan. Exhibit A: Jack passes out under it.
Here you see Luke trying it out.
Maybe we should have gotten four of them.
Cozy stuff!
And this is a shot of Luke feeding the cats. The percentage of cat food on the floor is decreasing, so that's improvement.
To top it off, we watched Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. It's a surprisingly good animated movie.