Columbus Visit to See Uncle Jarrod

Uncle Jarrod (who I never thought to get a photo with!) visited from Alaska for the first time in seven years so we went for a quick visit. At one point Grandma was showing us clothes Grandpa used to wear.
Jack's height always comes up so we did a back-to-back. You can see the difference.
Chess is a favorite game. Luke finds a way to make it aggressive. He's playing Grandma who is outside the frame.
Below are a couple shots of the boys at the table as they celebrate a birthday.
They always have fun with the cousins. There is pretty much a birthday every day.
This is about 1% of the cousins and nearly 112% of them are girls... according to Jack and Luke.
Grandpa took us out to Roosters for dinner. This is, um, the boys talking...
Rooster Jack has a little friend watching over him.