Ski Lessons

We took the boys to Brandywine Ski Resort for private lessons today. They had a couple fantastic instructors. Greg, on the left, was Jack's instructor while Scott, next to Luke, was his teacher for the morning.
It was amazing to watch the improvement over the course of the lesson. Jack was no longer tense and learned to turn. After his injury, these lessons not only restored his interest but built enthusiasm.
Luke was a manic but in a good way. He went right down that hill!
He's a natural. He fell on purpose when he needed to avoid, in this case, the magic carpet. He liked going straight because you go faster! Amazingly, he only fell once by accident.
After the lessons was lunch at the lodge.
They begged us to stay so they could ski longer. We just let them go and it was a pleasure to watch them do five runs together.
They want to go back!
We did bump into this shady character (below). Mary, it's 29 degrees out!
Afterword, all they could talk about was a family trip. If the weather holds, we'll all get out on the mountain soon.
I have some video but its not downloading for me at the moment. Hopefully I can get it posted soon.