Kent Chocolate Walk 2019

The Kent Chocolate Walk was a ton of fun. The cold could not keep us from hunting chocolate around the city! Mary had to fight for these tickets as they always sell out in minutes.
It's like Halloween but less scary. Colder. Higher quality chocolate! Below, the boys bundle up and get the binoculars. No idea why, but Luke wanted them. 
He also insisted on wearing swim goggles. He hardly took them off all day! They were upside down most of the time.
Maybe the best discovery was Cracked, the live action puzzle rooms. You rent the experience of being locked in theme rooms to solve a puzzle or forever be trapped! Good team building and birthday party stuff. Behind Jack is the western saloon room complete with dynamite. We're going back.
We visited about 20 shops including the Downtown Gallery of Kent seen below. The piece Luke is looking at is only $6,000.
Lunch at Twisted Meltz.
Luke approves.
Ah, the spoils!
The contents of one bag. Not bad, not bad.

Everyone went for the donuts from Peace Love & Little Donuts first (see top photo). We really need to visit that place daily.
Lets see if we can get tickets next year! This was the first of 3 years we were able to do it, thanks to Mary's determination