A Toasty Birthday

We celebrated my birthday over the weekend because it landed on a Monday this year. Today. Above: Dad and Karen got me a fantastic toaster! Finally, a 4-slicer. I can't tell you how excited I am about this little droid. All the toast comes out at the same time and is warm when it hits the table. Below: Me and the boys before a birthday lunch out on the town.
Mary and the boys.
Mary got me a doorbell. Yes, a Ring doorbell; the kind with a camera and intercom system in it. The physical install was easy but the software install was a pain in the butt.
The boys and I started another game of Rise of Tribes which is currently underway. We're still learning how to play it. Can you say, "I take all your fish!?"
Below is an unedited movie of Luke at lunch. The audio is awful but I thought it would be fun to add to the archives anyway! Apparently at school there is a series of 2nd grade crushes. Go figure.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 50s so far. Lets keep it rolling!