Great Wolf Lodge 2018

Tough guys, ready to have some fun! The above photo is their sleeping area inside our room.
The Great Wolf Lodge was a great destination for a mini vacation. The boys got their orange ears and were ready for action at the water park!
Even the parking lot was fun!
Personally, I find the water a horrible way to spend a vacation. But, I married a former lifeguard and now the boys are little fish. I'm stuck with the cold, wet vacations with disgusting changing rooms and screaming children. At least mine are fun.
Goggle face.
Contemplative kid with orange wolf ears.
Dinner with the boys. Much more my speed.
Luke eating.
Is Jack passing out?
Luke in a bear.
Pan out and you can see the entire bear.
This guy creeped us out.
A random video of a few scenes from the trip.
We did not take a lot of photos because we were, well, surrounded by water most of the time.