Kent State E-Sports!

Introducing the varsity teams (Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, & Rocket League) for Kent State University. Buy our jersey here!
Below are the scholarship players who all went through tryouts to be our first team for each game. Behind them are many JV teams.
I shopped the eSports to our administrators for an academic year. They support us from the President on down. I became the Directory in early summer. Below: Alex came dressed as D.Va., a character from the Overwatch game. She gets MVP!
The program is unique compared to the Fast-growing university teams around the world. We are the only university to include all our regional campuses. That is 8 locations with competitive teams, Salem being the other which offers scholarship.
We also have a research lab which will study eSports. Many top scholars at the university are involved. Five Ph.D. students are included. Four partnerships with other labs are in place.
Me blabbing to the players about the program.
These photos are from last weekend’s Boot Camp. For more information see our website (makeover coming soon), Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Buy our merchandise here!