A Day in the Park

We started our meandering day at Szalay's Farm in Cuyahoga Valley National Park where I ride every week. I was finally able to show them the sites . . . but I had to keep the cycling conversation to a minimum or they yelled at me.
We got some great produce and sat on hay bails. Good old fashion fun!
The sun!
Pumpkin head Jack.
Luke the pumpkin head!
This is one of the best chandeliers EVER. Want to buy it? I found a link! When you get over the sticker shock it might be worth it!
Attack of the killer slugs!
The Brandywine waterfall.
Awww, look how cute they are!
This is mostly how Luke goes everywhere...
This table swings back and forth. Apparently, that makes Mary laugh.
The corn maze!
It was a fun day even if there were giant bees.