Halloween 2017

We were inside saying, "Where are all the kids?" Suddenly, the front porch was rushed by a mob of super heroes, ghosts, and video game characters. Above: Jack and Luke both went as little known video game characters. We were surprised at how many kids knew who Bendy (Luke) was.
Where did they all come from!?
Andrew the fire fighter joined us for a while.
The neighbors went all out!
A cold but beautiful night.
A witch!
Below is Steve's porch. Not mine, a guy I occasionally cycle with. They were out of town this year. When decorated for Halloween they have the best porch in town.
These guys were serving full meals!
Grandma & Grandpa
Dad had a board meeting so we had a quick but fun visit with grandma and grandpa in Columbus.
We had a cookout in the back yard.
Luke cried pumpkin seed tears. See him in action!
Iv'e been threatening him with acting classes.
The boys had fun carving Jack-O-Lanterns with Grandma.

Yummy schmoores!
Until later. I have a ton of missed posts but we'll see if I can get some of them on the blog.