Washington D.C. Family Visit

We spent a weekend in D.C., visiting Uncle David, Aunt Lisa, and niece Maddie. Nanna and Grandpa drove down from NY for the occasion, too! We spent a day at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of Natural History. Above: Mary and the boys on The Mall. Below: The whole gang got together for the Journey to the Stars show at the IMax Theater. Since I saw the show as a child the amount of new information in the show was so exciting!
It's good advice to never look directly at the sun and now you don't have to! Below is Jack in front of the Dynamic Sun Video Wall which shows nearly live footage of the sun from the day before. Boy, he looks happy. It takes a photo every 12 secs in super high definition with an image size of 4096x4096 pixels.
Another shot using a different light. They both look worried!
The hanging jet fighters are always a draw.
It's even better if you can fly a plane yourself!
Many displays to keep the boys interested. Below, Jack learns about the aerodynamically superior tear drop shape for wings.
A break from walking. Let me tell you something, do NOT do this on a holiday weekend. The crowds were ferocious.
Jack in-front of a sculpture before we all met for lunch.
A relaxing break by the fountain.
Below, Jack fake cries as Mom straps lucky Luke into the stroller.
Time to stretch those legs!
There are too many photos spread across 9 phones, 2 cameras, and a pair of x-ray goggles.