Grandma Lends A Hand

The AURCO Conference is over so today I could finally relax. Grandma came up from Columbus so Mary and I could be at the conference. As you can see the boys had a great time. Can you say hopscotch?
It was a beautiful weekend. Nothing like sidewalk chalk to initiate the driveway's first spring.
Two sets of eyes are better than one!
How many numbers are in a hopscotch board?
Jack can levitate, too!
A perfectly executed hopscotch split. Go Luke, go!
A little help from Grandma.
Below: Now you don't have to wonder where the boys get "it" from.
Luke gives Grandma a last minute kiss goodbye.
Below: Grandma shows off her new Kindle Fire. Perfect timing before she and grandpa travel to Scotland and Ireland. Say "hello" to my people for me, will ya? It turns out that Mary's ancestors are also from the "Land of Saints & Scholars," but more on that later.
Thanks for helping over the weekend, Grandma!