Last week Mary and I were fortunate to be in Amsterdam for the 7th Annual European Conference of Positive Psychology. It was more vacation than conference this time around.
Above: I did not take the above photo but I wish I had. We took a longboat tour through the area. Below: Proof we actually attended the conference outside my presentation.
Boats and bikes everywhere! The canals were beautiful.
Hundreds of bikes flood the city. It's the main mode of transportation.
Below, the Indonesian food at the Kartika was so good. Our waitress helped us make all the important decisions but but now we're pro eaters.
And now a series of shots of my Mary...
That fence had been waiting a century for her to lean on it.
A shop on the canals.
Below: Two quintessential Dutch faces from the past at the Rijks Museum.
The i am amsterdam sign was a living playground. We saw a few people fall off while there, including the girl and juggler.
Chess! We hung out nearby to watch some of the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica World Cup game.
Below: The Anne Frank House was the highlight of the trip, especially for Mary. See her FaceBook page for more.
The Resistance Museum was also excellent. The junior portion of the museum was possibly the best part.
Below is an unedited video of our first hotel room. We moved to a bigger room one floor up a few days into the trip.
When we finally returned to Columbus to pick up the boys it was a relief. The problem is they didn't want to leave Grandma and Grandpa's! While we packed the car their grandparents looked on one last swing session. Thanks for watching our babies!
So many photos (none good), so hard to choose.