A Small Way to Remember a Big Life

My Mother had the ability to breath beauty into her surroundings. The Ice Box seen here is one small example of an item retrieved from the great combine of life. She rescued entire churches, restored dilapidated houses, grew impossible gardens, and saved a few cats with equal parts passion and compassion. She had the touch. When she got sick the Ice Box, of course, could not be a priority.
Above: This is the photo on top of the Ice Box seen in the first (above) picture. The year is 1941 and Mom is 1 mo. old. She is held by her 9-year old sister Joan, who still lives in Iowa where this photo was taken. Below: The Ice Box before and after. Click photos to enlarge.
Below, Luke lounges in-front of the "Ice King."
Below, Jack leans on the new family antique that will eventually pass to future generations.
The Ice Box is a small thing but I'm rather proud to have restored it.