Dad Returns Home from NCFR

The lack of updates are due to Dad's trip to the NCFR Conference in Phoenix, where he presented research titled Letters of Gratitude Improve Perception of Family Relations. It was a blast as I got to trade old war stories with my former Ph.D. adviser, Stephen Gavazzi, and visit with an old friend and college roommate John Chichester and his family of three fantastic boys. If you want some great financial advice check out Chichester Financial Group LLC. The only problem was that I missed Mary and the boys!
Above: We owe a big "Thank You" to grandma who helped Mom during the week. They colored, went trick-or-treat on a rainy night, organized the house, planted shrubs, and watched The Lorax. Below: A sample of Jack's improved coloring skills.
Below: Grandpa sent a Big Book of Coloring that kept Jack busy for hours.
Below: Are they wrestling? He's getting stronger, huh?
Below: "Wings, I got wings!"