Vote NO on Issue 2 this Nov. 8

Please vote NO on Issue 2 and repeal Senate Bill 5 on November 8 (see polling locations). Issue 2 is unsafe, unfair, and will further hurt Ohio. It will increase the size and scope of government in local matters (interesting because it's a Republican driven amendment). It is unsafe because the people doing the work will be ham-stringed when it comes to input: firefighters, police, emergency responders, and teachers. It is unfair because the low salaries of these employees will be further drained while politicians, who use these services, get huge raises. Don't let the propaganda fool you, Issue 2 will not save money. Unions have been making concessions, not lining the pockets of the ultra rich teachers and fire fighters...oh wait, that makes no sense. Issue 2 is dangerous. Vote NO on Issue 2