Littler Harrier

This morning our little guy "participated" in his first cross country meet. He desperately wanted to run with them so we (kind of) lined up with the varsity high school boys at the Salem Early Bird Invitational. Ready, set...
Go! Jack ran after them with all his might!
And kept going...
Below: This is about 400 meters into the 5k race where they had to make a 90-degree turn. He was still at it.
Below: The 2-mile mark.
Below: Like any good teammate he cheered on the girls varsity after his race was over. Our neighbor is in the lead pack and finished very well; possibly 3rd but we were too far from the finish line to find out for sure.
Peace out people.
In all seriousness I think he ran about 1.5+ miles around the course. Dad needs an oxygen mask.