Protector Lambs & Reading Hams

Above: Lambs have been known to partake in various activities: racing, mutton busting, cutting grass at the White House, and a few morbid but pro-social endeavors. Our Lamby enjoys Sumo wrestling. Or maybe he's just being protective? Go Lamby! Below: Jack reads to Luke. It was a finely woven tale in "Jackenese."
Note: For those who have tried calling lately I can report that we finally have our internet connection problems solved. After 5 service calls they isolated the problem out on the line and fixed it at 9:00pm Sunday night. Jack and I watched the technician ascend the pole in his bucket and I launched into an overly detailed description of the various wires that run to the house and the function of electric power plants. Jack looked at me with big eyes and said, "Worms live under ground!"