Charles Torpey Dies July 1, 2011

See funeral & visitation information for Charles Torpey here.
Yesterday Charles Torpey suddenly passed away. He was a great man and a truly outstanding coach. He impacted so many people in a positive way. I went to the University of Maryland to run for him, as so many of the athletes did. I also transferred out when Charles left. About 67 Track & Field and Cross Country runners left or quit when Charles made his exit. He was a ball of intense energy, played an astute psychologist, and was a technician of the trade. He cared...a lot. Spoiled by the fact that I've been coached by so many outstanding people; Charles was the best. His record speaks for itself. La Sallle posted an article about him today (also linked from the front page). Please read it. Other articles can be found here and here. There is a thread on the Lets Run forums as well.
Above is a photo from my freshmen year at U. of Maryland. It was the pre-national 8k Cross Country meet at Madison Wisconsin. Pictured: [Top Row from left] Jack Peach, Me, Charles Torpey, [Bottom Row from left] Mike Palmer, Dan Foley, Denis Cullinane, Mark Coogan, and Chris Chattin.
The above is the cross country team photo taken during my sophomore year. Pictured: [Top Row from left] Coach Charles Torpey, Paul Humes, Quentin Howe, Tome Nave, [Middle Row from left] John Chichester, Daren Baker, Me, [Bottom Row from left] Chris Egger, Mike Palmer, Mark Coogan, and Ken Gamber.

I only talked with Charles a few times over the past years but I'll miss him. I'll miss knowing that he's out there inspiring and improving so many lives. I hope the best for his beautiful wife Janice and children Christopher, Brian, and Jenna.

Right: Part of the 1986 XC brochure (click on photos to enlarge).

UPDATE: Thanks to numerous eMail updates more information is available. It appears Charles passed away doing the very thing he loved - overseeing a workout! He was at Green Valley PA riding his bike while Sean Quigley, one of his top athletes, ran a workout alongside. Funeral arrangements are not finalized but Rosalind Taylor Sheppard reports that the plan is to have the viewing Wednesday evening and the service Thursday morning in Schwenksville, PA. Janice is going to let "Ros" know the details on Tuesday. Due to the large number of hits on this page I will also update here when I can. Please keep Janice and he children in your thoughts.